Four Percent Challenge | The 4% Group Review | Affiliate Marketing

Four Percent Challenge | The 4% Group Review | Affiliate Marketing

What is The Four Percent Challenge?

Four Percent is an online education company that provides a world-class education to entrepreneurs. The Four Percent Challenge is a training program designed to help ordinary people master affiliate marketing and become the most powerful, influential and dominant figures in business and life.

The Four Percent Challenge is a one of a kind program. It’s designed to help you learn how to go from zero to 1 Million in revenue (doing affiliate marketing) by providing you with essential tools and resources as well as step-by-step guidance to ensure your success. The Challenge consists of 3 categories: zero to 10k, 10k to 100k, and 100k to 1 Million. 

The Four Percent Challenge is the best training program on affiliate marketing in existence. It’s also the ultimate success challenge that will challenge you to do whatever it takes to succeed. There’s absolutely nothing else like this training program in existence today.

To learn more and to take the challenge – click here.

Why ‘Four Percent’?

The ‘Four Percent’ company name comes from the Pareto Principle. In short, the Pareto Principle states that out of 100 people, 20% of the people get 80% of the results. Also, there is a 20% within that 20%, which comes down to 4%. In business, 4 out of 100 people are truly willing to do whatever it takes to get results and to succeed, hence the ‘Four Percent’.

Four out of one hundred people do whatever it takes to succeed and consequently, only four out of one hundred people truly succeed. It’s quite sad but it’s the cold and hard truth. Fortunately, Four Percent is on a mission to create as many successful entrepreneurs as possible. As a result, create thousands of true “Four Percenters”.

Four Percent World-Class Education

Four Percent provides world-class customized training programs for modern entrepreneurs. The goal is to deliver the most potent training and information through educational products to help entrepreneurs become irreplaceable in business and life.

Training programs include:

* The FourPercent Challenge

*Internet Traffic Mastery

*Instagram Traffic Mastery

*Search Engine Optimization

*E-Commerce Entrepreneur

and much more.

My Personal Experience with Four Percent

I am a lifetime member! This company helped me become an entrepreneur and I will be forever grateful. 

I didn’t know a thing about internet/ affiliate marketing before I joined Four Percent.

Seriously, I didn’t know what “traffic” was or what “leads” were, I didn’t know anything! I was a complete newbie, however, I was ambitious enough to learn daily and I pursued entrepreneurship. Consequently, I became an entrepreneur thanks to Four Percent.

A few years later, I am now privileged to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world, helping them understand internet marketing and how to achieve their goals faster and better.

It all started with me taking action and joining Four Percent.

I invite you to take the 4 Percent challenge and start learning daily so you could master affiliate marketing and take your life to the next level. This may be the best decision you ever make for your business and life (it’s definitely one of the best I ever made).

I dare you to become a “Four Percenter” and dominate in your business and life!


P.S. If you would like to read my entire story on how Four Percent changed my life- click here to read it.