5 Most Important Aspects Of Digital Marketing

5 Most Important Aspects Of Digital Marketing

There are 5 major digital marketing aspects that you must focus on when launching a marketing campaign to be able to execute the campaign successfully.

In this article, I will share with you 5 specific marketing aspects that we focus on at VAVO (my digital marketing agency) when launching a new marketing campaign for a client.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

#1: Research

Every successful marketing campaign starts with proper market research – that’s the first thing we do at VAVO when we launch a new marketing campaign for a client.

Market research includes keyword research, creating custom affinity and/ or custom intent audiences, and competitor analysis. We also become knowledgable about the client’s brand, products, and services.

In short, we gather all the necessary information we need to be able to successfully execute the marketing campaign. Proper market research allows us to determine who our client’s ideal prospects are and how to effectively and efficiently target them with ads and convert them into customers.

#2: Strategy

A great marketing strategy is key to a successful marketing campaign. We create a custom marketing strategy for the client that we follow like a blueprint throughout the entire marketing campaign. A great strategy can be the difference between a successful and a crashed campaign.

It’s important to note that when creating a marketing strategy, there should be no emotional decisions involved. The marketing strategy and methods of execution must be based on credible data, facts, and logic. Just because something seems “fun” or “cool” doesn’t mean it will work well (even if it worked well for another company).

It’s certainly okay to split-test between multiple strategies and ideas to maximize the end-result but it’s very important to always make decisions based on logic rather than emotion, otherwise, the strategy could end up hurting the campaign more than helping it. At VAVO, we always do proper market research before creating a marketing strategy for the client.

#3: Promo Content

Once all the market research is done and we map out a solid marketing strategy, we plan and create all the necessary promotional content that we need for advertising. We always take a very strategic approach to promo content whether it’s videos, display banners, or text ads because it directly affects the campaign performance.

When creating promotional content, it’s very important to keep congruency and simplicity in mind. A confused and overwhelmed prospect will not be eager to buy a product or service. Promotional content must be specifically targeted to the target audience as well as be congruent with the marketing funnel and the promoted brand.

Promo content can sometimes be a relatively large investment when launching a marketing campaign (depending on the type of campaign). High-quality videos, animations, and designs can get pricey but are definitely a smart investment for a business. We highly recommend not to try to save money with promotional content because great ad content is what influences a prospect to visit a website, become aware of a brand, and become a customer.

#4: Advertising

Consistent customer acquisition is the single most important aspect of business. We highly recommend all businesses to advertise their brand, products, and services on the internet on a continuous basis/ year-round.

Our top 3 recommended advertisement types are Google Search ads, YouTube Video ads, and Google Display Network ads. These 3 types of advertisements are more than enough to position a business/ brand in front of targeted prospects all over the internet in various different ad formats and from different angles. In some cases, we also recommend social media marketing and organic content marketing.

The bottom line is that online advertising is extremely important and absolutely necessary for every business and it must be done strategically, efficiently, and effectively. At VAVO, we’re experts at generating high-quality, targeted traffic on the internet and converting it into leads and sales. Strategic digital advertising via Google Ads, on top of all the other important aspects that are mentioned in this article, allows us to deliver extraordinary results to our clients.

#5: Optimization

Last but not least- proper campaign optimization is crucial for increasing the conversion rate and Return-On-Investment (ROI). We continually optimize our clients’ digital ad campaigns to get the highest ROI we can possibly get. The better the optimization, the higher the ROI and the better the results.

Optimization consists of continual data analysis and problem solving. We observe and then tweak and adjust each individual ad campaign as much as possible to get optimal results out of the marketing campaign. Smart optimization is what allows us to deliver truly exceptional results to our clients.

Delivering great results is our number-one priority at VAVO because we know that when we deliver great results, we create strong, loyal, long-term relationships with our clients and ultimately, everybody wins.

So there you have it, those are the 5 major aspects of digital advertising that you should focus on when launching a marketing campaign.

If you’re a business owner, CEO, or CMO and you want to take your business (and marketing) to the next level, connect with me at VAVO and let’s talk about your business and how we can help you get awesome results.

Article by Vlad Strizheus